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Hand crafted, one of a kind pendant and chain, Wild Mascot Amulet series.


Chain: High quality silver snake chain necklace 1.3mm x 46cm long. Hangs roughly 21cm down onto the breast bone.


Colourway: Wooden leaf tray in mushroom mauve with exposed dark wood edges, glitter top coat, red robin effigy, oil slick and iridescant gems, shiny black eyes, black glitter legs.  Diamante red and orange gem breast.


Dimensions: Set in a wooden, leaf shaped setting measuring 25mm across. (Roughly thumb sized).


A tiny piece of lovingly made artwork, with a scrap of my soul in each and every one for good luck.


Please note: resin coating looks wet but is just a mega shiny, waterproof, chip proof top layer to seal the art work.


If you have ideas for a personalised one, email me at:


Thank you for looking!

Wild Mascot Amulet: Robin Redbreast

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