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There's something about being on film which has always stirred something up deep within my psyche.  I hold my hands up to the paradox that I do not like having someone take my photo, yet am fascinated by seeing myself on camera.  


The understandable knee-jerk reaction here would be vanity, which is simply not the motivation, so let me break it down. I think that being on film is the closest that we will ever get to knowing ourselves objectively.  It's the closest you'll ever get to ascertaining a choke hold on that slippery thing called time.  


We don't even know what our voices sound like due to the reverberations created between the tiny bones in our ears when we talk.  This distorts our perceptions of our own voice.  Being on film is like holding up a 360 degree mirror, and that fascinates me, as we have literally no other means to achieve that.

So far, my show reel is pretty tragic.  A measly, 2015 pitched pilot episode for a dating show, "Get Your Kit On", an application to present a World Nomads episode on YouTube in 2017, and just one, lonely, 2014 makeup tutorial.

I didn't run with the makeup YouTube channel.  It was too obvious a choice.  The reason for this is plain and simple market saturation.  I would always take the machete through the thicketed jungle than choose the leisurely walk down a well-walked, perfectly paved road in strip lights.


I really enjoy presenting and have a lot of plans for creating an interview-based series soon.  Get in touch if you have a project you think I could lend my face and quirks to of course!


"This is Lex, from your place to space, signing off.  And remember, be your own flying saucer.  Save yourself."

© 2019 Alexandra Godwin