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I'm fast approaching 39yrs on this astonishing and mostly unexplored planet and mortal plane.  Born and raised in Oxford, England, I moved to Glasgow at 18yrs old, but have lived in Australia, Japan, USA and Scandinavia since. 


As you've probably already gleaned from my creations,  I am a strange little fruit; fascinated by the unknown, consciousness, memory palaces, quantum physics, the untrodden path, the macabre, and even indelibly inked skin stories, to name but a few interests.


I have tracked down (and continue to daydream about) my Icelandic/Danish family heritage, drawing the people in my life whom I adore, (albeit dead or alive - icons, friends, family).  I often use simply pencil and paper to do this, or work with my hands sculpturally to directly energise my work. Though I have recently hauled my dinosaur self into the modern age by designing with an iPad.


I sketch heroines and idols from childhood movies/music/books. I watch every enriching or terrifying film I can bear, play drums badly, adore singing my little heart out..yet have crippling stage fright.  I'm enchanted by sea and wildlife. If there is any body of water nearby (except the Clyde) I will be swimming in it.  


I could and have lost days copywriting, proof-reading, arranging words.  I am a subculture hunter. The DIY ethos appeals; I cogitate on the  Crimethinc ways and on Black Mirror, the trajectory of society, Artificial Intelligence, Sci Fi, perceptions of reality and parallel worlds. I am pan-sexual and have one sibling, who is Trans.


I'm constantly (and unsuccessfully) searching for a way to heal carpet burn, I work to fund my popcorn habit, and dally with appeasing the gods of rock 'n' roll with a healthy dose of hedonism. I am wrapped in deep and true love, and I like to go to gigs so I can cry when the band comes on and plays their first song.  It never gets old. Music is our insides outside, after all.  


I love hard, forgive as much as I can, plough ahead, reshape myself at each twist and turn, being as desirous of life as I can. I embrace all dark corners as skilfully as I am able, and just generally try to stay balanced up on a high flying disk until I fall off, get glum and have to start all over again. Such is life!

To hire and enquire email me at

© 2023 Alexandra Godwin

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