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Having worked as a copywriter in the past, as well as doing freelance reviews online for Lipcote during my makeup days, I have had my fair share of formal, writing based jobs.  I love word craft.  Examples of writing front pages for the Scotch Whisky Auctions in 2018, you can find here and here .

I often ponder - what is art without an audience?  What is the point in writing without the opportunity for it to be discussed and fed back to the author? Can the act of writing be enough in itself, or do you need an observer to process it?


In today's current climate, blogging seems to be the most readily available avenue for waving your own brand banner.  That is my next step.  To expunge.  Without an avenue to expose my writing, I feel I have no voice, nor any visibility in the society I live in.  I feel entirely mute.


My blog will be a mega mix of essays and advice.  Topics such as moral code, accessible politics, esoterica, music, the in between where science has blind spots (if I must then I will use that stigmatised word 'spirituality'), the pensive moments of my day, the DIY/reactionary/Crimethinc. ethos..these are all my playing field.  


Considering setting up an agony aunt/life coaching element as well, incorporating my studies on energy psychology.  All those who know me: I can hear you excited for that, as I have been asked to launch such a thing in the past!  Keep your eyes on this page for my blog link, most probably launching after I die, at this rate..

To hire and enquire email me at

© 2023 Alexandra Godwin

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