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I read an article once advising people on how to hone in on what their passion was.  One of the questions was, "what engages you so intensely that you forget to eat or even to get dressed?"


Well, illustration is one of the things which does that for me. I went to art college in my home county of Oxfordshire as a teenager, then moved up to Glasgow School of Art to get my BA (Hons) in Visual Communication: Illustration, class of 2008.

I have been commissioned to do editorial illustrations for The Skinny newspaper, to create designs for band merchandise, make flyers, mural designs, maps, both human and animal portraits.  I've even been asked to conjure a musician's alter ego/character design.  My personal illustration work is heavily influenced by films, music, typography, literature and all things esoteric, macabre and mysterious.


Born in 1984, I was the last generation to grow up without a mobile phone or the internet for a significant portion of my youth.  This has meant that I am very much an "old school" artist in the sense that I am entirely consumed by the idea of using my hands in simplistic, yet repetitive, detailed processes. I treasure the process of pencil contact on paper.


However, I am not entirely a dinosaur.  I do embrace new things and I will get with the program. I'm getting set to bite down on some type design and the digital art world.  Words and fonts are so engaging to me and I want to learn how to create them more uniformly, immersing myself at last in this modern magic.

Online shop of prints, totes and sundry merchandise coming soon.

© 2019 Alexandra Godwin