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Epoxy resin filled, glass spell jars. Imbued with Shamanic Ceremonial energy of a Divine Feminine ritual, as well as held in Usui Holy Fire Reiki, sealed with a protective sigil stamped in wax on the cork lid.


Carry these in your pocket, place upon your altar, bedside table, in your car or a drawer at work to create positive universal energy flow, protection of body and spirit and all round good egg energy.


Colourway: Peach and iridescent resin with clear resin layer on top. Altar roses and rose gold leaf crushed inside, with dried lavender inside. Sealed with wax melted onto the cork and stamped with a funghi sigil.


Dimensions: roughly 10cm tall.


Email for enquiries and commissions.

Resin Spell Jar: Lavender & toadstool wax seal with crystal chips

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