Epoxy resin poured, hand crafted charm. One of a kind made lovingly by my fair hands for you, each one is completely unique and a one off.  


Can be scattered in a sunlit window, on a plant pot, on an altar, put in a birthday party bag or crafted onto many a different art project. Extra holographic flowers thrown in for fun.


Waterproof resin so fine to anti bac or keep outside on the fence.


Please note that there may be imperfections in the resin such as tiny bubbles, please forgive this, it is lovably imperfect just like us humans.


Colourway: mixed holographic and glitter.


Dimensions: crystal peaks and larger pieces roughly 1.5cm tall.


Thanks for looking!


Email lex@yourplacetospace.com with commission ideas or colourways you would like.

Resin Charms: Lucky Dip Bag (12pcs)