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History and uses: This Pocket Rock talisman is hand made and sculpted into a smooth, scooping shape which fits snugly in your palm when you seek fortification.  You can also put in your pocket for protection from energy vampires whilst mixing with groups of people, or even slip it into your pillowcase for positive dreamtime explorations. 


Black tourmaline is revered for it's power of protection, amplification of psychic shielding and neutralisation of negativity. Wether that be from your own mind or from external forces, it is an energetically grounding stone that promotes clarity of thought and confidence when carried on your person.


Tourmaline has pyroelectrical and piezoelectrical properties. This means that it can attract and repel particles when heated or rubbed. Dutch traders used it in the 1700's to drag ash from their Meerschaum pipes.  It is also a shamanic stone which is often used during rituals, meditations and healings, not to mention that industrially it is utilised in conducting energy through radio and television circuitry.


Colourway: This particular Pocket Rock comprises of two polished pieces of black tourmaline, roughly 5cm length, grouted together with oil slick gems, gold leaf, diamante and a small, silver tibetan hand.


Charge: To cleanse and charge this stone I gave it a Himalayan Pink Salt bath, then blasted both myself and the stone with a sonic recalibration ceremony using the Solfeggio Healing Frequencies, specifically 639Hz for harmonious relationships, 5Hz Theta for creativity and intuition, 528 Hz for D.N.A. repair and Lakshman's White Sun mantra for prosperity and abundance.


Email me with your stone requests and Solfeggio preferences:


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Pocket Rocks: Black Tourmaline Ladle

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