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Epoxy resin poured, hand finished slice with matching bookmark. One of a kind made lovingly by my fair hands for you, each one is completely unique and a one off.


These slices can be used to mix makeup on, used as a waterproof coaster, candle tray, craft mixing surface etc.


This set is on sale because my bookmark mould is slightly wonky so the bookmark isn't 100% straight and the gold enamel paint smudged a fraction too.


Waterproof resin so fine to anti bac or keep outside.


Please note that there may be imperfections in the resin such as tiny bubbles, please forgive this, it is lovably imperfect just like us humans.


Colourway: red star glitter with iridescent disks inside holly green resin. Hand painted, gold enamel edges. Holly green tassel on the bookmark with a bit of gold leaf and red resin in there too.



Bookmark: 14cm x 2.7cm

Slice: 7.5cm x 12.5cm


Thanks for looking!


Email with commission ideas or colourways you would like.

Gift Set: Christmas Collection - Slice & Bookmark Set (2pcs)

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