Epoxy resin poured tree charm set. One of a kind made lovingly by my fair hands for you, each one is completely unique and a one off.


These trinkets can be hung from your Christmas tree, over your door, door handles, on the wall, mantlepiece, windows or on plants etc. Sky's the limit as to what they can adorn! They look so pretty around fairy lights too as they're nearly totally transparent.


Waterproof resin so fine to anti bac or keep outside.


Please note that there may be imperfections in the resin such as tiny bubbles, please forgive this, it is lovably imperfect just like us humans.


Colourway: fire engine red resin with glitter shards inside and gold marbling, all hung on 3mm thickness lilac ribbon. Unicorn glitter enamel painted tips to prevent fraying.


Dimensions: 3x Stars. 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm hanging on 5cm ribbons.


Thanks for looking!


Email lex@yourplacetospace.com with commission ideas or colourways you would like.

Gift Set: Christmas Collection - Red & Marbled Gold Star Tree Hangings (3pcs)