Epoxy resin poured, hand crafted pendant. One of a kind made lovingly by my fair hands for you, each one is completely unique and a one off.  


Please note that there may be imperfections in the resin such as tiny bubbles, please forgive this, it is lovably imperfect just like us humans.


Colourway: yellow wildflowers, lilac star glitter, and iridescent shred in clear resin, and a moss green ribbon sealed with unicorn glitter varnish to prevent fraying.


Dimensions: larger pebble is roughly 3.5cm x 2.5cm. Ribbon when measured hanging from the neck to the pendant is 34cm, it is designed to sit roughly on the solar plexus.


Thanks for looking!


Email lex@yourplacetospace.com with commission ideas or colourways you would like.

Resin Pendant: Double Decker Pebbles - Clear Holographic & Wildflowers