Epoxy resin poured altar dagger. One of a kind made lovingly by my fair hands for you, each one is completely unique and a one off.  This one is in the sale as a rogue piece of blue glitter got in! See last pic.


Decorative, surprisingly lightweight altar daggers to place in sacred spaces at home, work or in the garden. Waterproof resin so fine to anti bac or keep outside.


Colourway: real silver leaf, dried skeleton flowers, burnt orange fade sunset resin.


Dimensions: 23.5cm long, blade 3.5cm wide, handle at broadest point 5.4cm wide.


Please note that there may be imperfections in the resin such as tiny bubbles, as shown in the photographs. Please forgive this-it is lovably imperfect just like us humans. 


All bubbles on edges are hand sanded so that they are not rough, but the scoring on the mould means that the surface has some friction and texture to it. Please be mindful of this when touching it and handle with care.


Thanks for looking!


Email lex@yourplacetospace.com with commission ideas or colourways you would like.

Resin Dagger: Burnt Sunset, Silver Leaf & Flowers