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History and uses: This Pocket Rock talisman is hand made and sculpted into a smooth, scooping shape which fits snugly in your palm when you seek fortification. Brazilian Agate was used in ancient cultures as a protective stone.  They are found in abundance around the world, and are often utilised for navigating traumas with grace and ease.  The Chinese used it for good luck, the Greeks for warrior's spear heads in battle, and Islamic cultures believe it wards off the evil eye.


This particular colour of agate helps to resolve relationship issues, clears negative energy and helps you to visualise your goals.


Colourway: This particular Pocket Rock comprises of a polished Brazilian Agate, roughly 3.4cm x 2cm in total length and breadth.  It is sculpted with tortoiseshell effect beading, oil slick gems, iridescent and red diamante in a white setting.


Charge: To cleanse and charge this stone I gave it a Himalayan Pink Salt bath, then blasted both myself and the stone with a sonic recalibration ceremony using the Solfeggio Healing Frequencies, specifically 528Hz for mending D.N.A., 417Hz for a restored body, 285Hz for rejuvinated energy, 396Hz for guilt and fear liberation, 47Hz for undoing emotional patterns, 528Hz for love and miracles, and finally Lakshman's White Sun mantra for prosperity and abundance.


Email me with your stone requests and Solfeggio preferences:


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Pocket Rock: Brazilian Agate Chip

£20.00 Regular Price
£13.00Sale Price
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