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Hand crafted, one of a kind set of clips.


This set has 3 pieces: brown iris, emerald, antique gold, toffee rainbow and pearl gems in a black setting.


These have no limitation on how they can be worn - to tame unruly hair, flapping ties, flighty shirt collars, snagged button holes, boring pockets, unruly hems, lapels or just generally to embellish and accessorise..whichever way you choose, these super sturdy alligator clips will accompany you on your travels and guarantee a talking point!


Dimensions: 4.6cm long x 1cm hinge depth (roughly little finger sized).


Please note: resin coating looks wet but is just a mega shiny, waterproof, chip proof top layer to seal the art work.


If you have ideas for a personalised one, email me at:


Thank you for looking!

Clips: Flight of the Navigator Set (3pcs)

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